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Carpet and Upholstery

Carpet and upholstery

Carpets and upholstery at home or office can come under a lot of wear and tear.

They can be spoiled with traffic lanes, stains, discolouring and ultimately this damage may lead to the need to replace them. Carpets and upholstery that don’t receive regular professional cleaning can ultimately end up in a bad state. With regular cleaning they can retain that look, feel and smell of a new carpet for longer.

Hawkland services are specialist in domestic and commercial carpet cleaning in all sectors. Our staff is fully trained, uniformed, thoroughly vetted professionals. Rest assured you will get a professional service with 20 years of experience in the industry. Hawkland services provides a range of different options to suite all our customer needs.

Dry Powder Clean

Not all companies offer this service, Hawkland services is from a few companies that offer and specialise in Dry Carpet Powder clean. Our operatives are fully trained and have years of experience.

Dry powder clean is easy, safe and highly effective. Carpet pile is lifted, deep cleaned and revived with a greatly enhanced appearance. Dust mite allergens and other harmful bacteria are greatly reduced.

Benefits of using dry carpet clean

  • No after smell of dampness

  • No need to remove furniture

  • No sticky residue left over

  • Carpets can be frequently cleaned without harming carpet fibres.

  • Easy to get into Small and tight areas.

  • Carpets are ready to walk on immediately

  • No need to clean carpets at unsociable times to allow for drying

Dry powder does an extremely good job at removing soiling from the carpet by going deep into the carpet fibres collecting dirt. This is is done brushing powder granules into the carpet using a twin contra-rotating brush machine, brushing from several different directions to ensure full treatment. One of the brush gets into the strands of the fibres and ruffles it up, while the other deposits the powder to remove the stains. This process removes a broad range of stains and spots, such as grease, beverages, tea and coffee spillages, water marks etc. However, should any spots or stains still be apparent, they are treated again with specialist chemicals to remove the stains leaving the carpet looking fresh and clean.

Dry powder clean is Certified in line with The Woolsafe Organisations stringent standards and safe to use on wool and synthetic fibre carpets and rugs.

Bonnet carpet cleaning

This is our budget carpet clean which still provides excellent results. Bonnet mopping is a low-moisture cleaning method and is one of the traditional methods for carpet maintenance. This system is used for refreshing carpet’s fibers and removing stains. our expert staff will assess the floor and use a mixture of bonnet and dry cleaning methods to achieve the best results in the most cost effective way.

Benefits of using Bonnet mopping are very similar to dry powder clean apart fro the cost involved.

  • Cost effective

  • No after smell of dampness

  • No need to remove furniture

  • No sticky residue left over

  • Carpets are ready to walk on immediately

  • No need to clean carpets at unsociable times to allow for drying

Bonnet mopping is carried out by a bonnet machine or a floor machine with a pad driver and pre-soaked carpet bonnet over the carpet is used to clean the carpets by flipping the bonnet over or replace the bonnet as it becomes soiled. The bonnet cleaning chemical will become a dry crystal upon drying. This crystal will be vacuumed away at the end. The result should be a clean looking carpet that will dry in a very brief time. Any stains that could not be removed by the machine are treated by specialist chemicals by our trained operatives.

Hot Water Extraction Clean (HWE)

Recommended for Domestic and small Heavily soiled areas

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning process provides a more thorough clean. It is able to get down deep in the carpet where the dry method cannot, but on the downside it can take much longer for the carpet to dry andbe useable. Hot water extraction is injection of hot water in to the carpet pile under extremely high pressure. It works by the use of an extractor machine shooting streams of hot water detergent solution deep in to the piles of a carpet with force that helps remove any stains, soiling, dirt and cleans deep within the fibres.

HWE is ideal for residential properties but not recommended for large office spaces, although it can be used for Small heavily soiled areas combined with dry or bonnet mopping to cover large office spaces whilst taking advantage of HWE.

Why use Dry or Bonnet mopping instead of Hot Water Extraction?

One of the main advantage of Dy cleaning or Bonnet mopping is that it is less messy compared to Hot water extraction clean (HWE). No water is used, so you do not have to worry about carpets drying. The process is also faster, and because the carpet has very brief drying time it is always ready to walk on as soon as the cleaners are done. It also takes less time and cover much larger areas compared to HWE, making it ideal for large office spaces. It also does not leave discolouration like other cleaning methods.

Upholstery & Leather Clean

Extend the life of all upholstery and leather by using our professional upholstery and leather cleaning methods to deal with your worn-out stained upholstery and leather to make them look brighter and stain free.

Hawkland services have professional operatives who are fully trained to carry out and bring your leather and upholstery back to life. We use the latest upholstery & leather treatment techniques that brings remarkable results. Our fully trained operatives will identify which method to use depending on the fabric and stains. Our operatives will carry out an inspection of the leather condition and overall state of the upholstery prior to the cleaning process and use professional leather upholstery cleaning and conditioning detergents from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry.