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Construction sites are vulnerable to unauthorised entries and theft of valuable machinery, which is why it is vital to have the sites under constant guard.

Lapsing on security of a construction site has cost site and project managers a lot. In case of theft of heavy machinery from an unguarded construction site, the foremost loss is of money. Contractors often lease the heavy equipment they use for construction, and theft of leased machinery may incur significant liability on the contractor.

Furthermore, if the stolen equipment, materials or machinery is scarcely available for leasing, the theft could mean a significant delay in work on the site. Thus, it is considered unthinkable to leave a construction site unguarded, especially those with expensive or scarce equipment.

Our construction site security teams are trained to identify the various threats often unique to construction sites, such as machinery and equipment theft, and mitigate these risks to keep clients’ and contractors’ on-site property safe.

As a comprehensive professional security services provider, we carry out risk assessment for our clients to provide them with peace of mind and cost-effective security programs that will cover all possible security threats on their sites. All our guards go through extensive screening before going through full training to understand the security requirements for each site.